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Unofficial Bits and Pieces

Quick Quirky Facts (also known as the good stuff!)
I don’t have a dominant hand, nor am I ambidextrous. Instead, I have what is called “mixed hand.” I am naturally left-handed but was forced in primary school to use my right hand. I use my right hand for handwriting and other fine motor skills, but I can do all other tasks equally well with both hands. I don’t have a backhand for tennis or squash, but switch the racket between hands.

I like my music unusual, in makeup with a side dash of Al. Which is code for Cyndi Lauper

Life without a dominant hand

Hand with a bird perched on the fingertips
Image by Gaming_birder from Pixabay

Later, David Kramer would become my Year Three love interest. A romance that would hit its soaring height with a quick peck on the lips after the lunch siren. But at the beginning of Year One, David looked at me with his nose firmly crinkled in an upturned position.

“You’re weird,” he said.

Janelle Green, soon to become my best friend, stuck up for me. “It’s NOT weird. It’s clever. I bet you can’t do it.”
Janelle raised her arm and waved it frantically until Miss Ferguson came over to our table.

“Do you know, Sandi can write with one…

Especially if you’re not a diverse writer

Penguins sheltering in manmade limestone cave
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

Currently, there is a big push for diverse books, especially in children’s and YA fiction. We Need Diverse Books is a non-profit organization pushing for change within publishing. The movement champions fiction that reflects the lived experience of ALL young people.

As a school librarian and someone who identifies as disabled, I strongly believe in the need for diverse books. Every child has the right to see their life accurately reflected in literature. This belief is why I spend a lot of time curating my library collection with great care. Choosing Own Voices fiction makes my job easier.

Own Voices

Black and tan puppy with a chunk of basil he has pulled for the garden.
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

A Six Word Photo Story | Freestyle

“Who ate the basil?”
“Caught him!”

There is some disagreement over the opposite of a green thumb. Regardless of the term, that’s me. I can be counted on to forget to water then overcompensate by overwatering, neglect to fertilize, and I certainly don’t talk to my plants.

My skill set, it would appear, is removing dead plants from the garden.

So when the basil started growing in abundance, it was a celebration. Grant made several pasta dishes using our homegrown basil. We even had to trim it — that was a first.

Then little sprouts started disappearing. At first…

I’m jumping onto the “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” bandwagon

A pink pencil case with a white unicorn and the words “Love My Unicorn”
To tell the truth, I actually have two of these snazzy little numbers …

If I woke up and the word turned into a dystopian novel (I mean more than it already is ..), these are the things I’d snatch and grab along with the personality traits I think are essential for my survival. Or at least for nutting out the problem and saving the world from imminent disaster.

1. Pink Unicorn Pencil Case

It’s not the glitter or the sparkles or the pretty picture of a unicorn. Although I freely admit these things attracted me to purchase the pink unicorn pencil in the first place. Before the pink unicorn pencil case, I used a fluffy coin purse decorated…


LOST: One Self

Sunflower that hasn’t bloomed
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

Rather bubbly in nature, fun-loving but is prone to silliness. Possesses a rather sarcastic wit but has been known to be a little naïve at times. Comes with a devilish nature, capable of great mischief and naughtiness, will tease without mercy if the situation requires.

Often blunt, proven to ask pertinent questions about what others may consider irrelevant subjects. Self-assured, confident, intelligent, and creative.

Wouldn’t hurt a fly, although considers spiders and snakes to be fair game.

Tends to sing (extremely badly) in the shower, in the car, while doing housework and other chores. …

Sandi Parsons

Sandi Parsons lives and breathes stories as a reader, writer, and storyteller. Newsletter subscribers receive my free ebook The Last Walk →

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