The Art of Empowering Children Using Gentleness

Day 9: Children need to feel important

Sandi Parsons
3 min readDec 9, 2021


Boy with glasses laying on open books
Image by Julia Sezemova from Pixabay

William* slunk into the library. He glanced about, taking stock of the other children playing; quickly, he chose a book from the returns trolley then sunk into the storytime chair near my desk.

Every day that week, the pattern repeated. It's usually a sign that friendship troubles have soured the playground fun. When William was back the next week, his shoulders heavy with the weight of the world, I knew the playground troubles were more than a minor rumble.

Some children attempt to play with younger children when they are lonely to find a place — any place. Others intuitively know that this won't solve their problems, and may even draw attention from bullies. These children usually turn to books.

Reading is a magical way of diverting our attention from our troubles, of transporting us into other lands where fire-breathing dragons rule the sky and magic abounds. But sometimes, our thoughts crowd in and prevent us from being whisked away into someone else's imagination. Although William had always been a good reader, this was of those days.

Clearly agitated, William couldn't focus on his book. He needed more than the magic that words…



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