Feeding Time at the Menagerie

The birds are taking over!

Sandi Parsons
3 min readApr 6, 2022


White Cockatoos and Pink Galahs hunting for birdseed
Check out that enthusiasm! | All Photos by Sandi Parsons

About this time last year, the trees in our front yard had their annual haircut, and I started dabbling with feeding the local birds.

The clientele was slow on the uptake. For months, a few Ringnecks would have a quick nibble in the bird feeder before they’d skedaddle.

Ringneck | Subspecies Twenty Eight Parrot, local to Western Australia

The local dirty rotten swoopers (Australian Magpies) would often stop by to quench their thirst. They’re carnivores, so they’re not at all interested in my birdseed — but they hang about the street as one of my neighbors feeds them every morning.

Dirty Rotten Swooper

I spied a sunflower block at the shops, and it followed me home. Word spread among the Ringnecks, and they stopped by more frequently for a quick munch.

Focus fail photo!

Then the Pink Galahs rocked up and demanded breakfast.



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