Checklist: Get Your Ducks in a Row and Give Your Book the Best Chance To Succeed

Tick these off your to-do list and increase your chance of successfully self-publishing your book

Sandi Parsons
5 min readApr 3, 2022


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If you thought the hard part was writing the book, think again.

Self-publishing can seem daunting — so separate your tasks into small bites so that you can start ticking off your author-to-do checklist.

📘Pre-publication countdown

✅Author Biography

Author biographies have several uses — media releases, to drum up interest for feature articles, or even as a brief introduction.

Write several versions of your author biography. From two-three lines, a medium biography and a longer one detailing more of your background and expertise.

✅Book Hook

You’ll need a summary for your back cover, online sales, and media release, along with one or two sentences that sum up your book.

Make it dynamic to hook your readers in.

✅Cataloging in Publication record

Apply for your Cataloguing in Publication record (also known as CIP data) from your national…



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