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Photo taken in 1975

Unofficial Bits and Pieces

Quick Quirky Facts (also known as the good stuff!)
I don’t have a dominant hand, nor am I ambidextrous. Instead, I have what is called “mixed hand.” I am naturally left-handed but was forced in primary school to use my right hand. I use my right hand for handwriting and other…

I wanted to be a slider

Woman sitting alone on a bench with castle walls in the background
Photo Credit: Grant Parsons

I was three years into an eighteen-year escape plan from my marriage. Suicide never felt like an option; instead, I engaged in destructive behavior that endangered my health.

This was, of course, in direct contradiction to the eighteen-year plan, which depended heavily on me being alive to execute the escape…

Photos are valuable real estate — make yours shine

Two yellow roses framed by white pickets
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

My first tentative forays with writing on Medium saw me pick a photo I liked, and then … well, I was done, wasn't I? The publish button was calling!

It was a classic newbie mistake. That photo I was so happy with was everywhere on Medium, and like my story…

And an echo of copycats

A shiny triangular prism in the red dessert.
Image source: Patrickamackie2 on Wikimedia Commons

The rivets holding the triangular prism together prove that alien lifeforms didn’t construct the Utah Monolith in the middle of the desert. The monolith was clearly man-made. But the appearance of the monolith and its purpose remain unclear.

With a height of 3 meters (9.8 ft) tall, the effort required…

Get your ducks in a row—but make sure they're a threesome

3 Ducks Swimming
Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay

The Latin phrase, Omne trium perfectum: everything that comes in threes is perfect, complete, is often touted as a starting point to understanding the Rule of Three.

As the name suggests, the Rule of Three uses a pattern of three. The repetition of the number three not only has a…

Ten things I'm living without

Decaying flower on top of sheet music
Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

I've never been a fan of those 'get to know me' games on social media. Perhaps my dislike stems from the same place as my dislike for writing cards. Yes, I know that's an odd statement for someone who identifies as a writer, but it would be an understatement to…

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